Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann – Commode Lassalle

Exceptional Lassalle chest of drawers by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann in kingwood. The Lassalle model was a feature of the bedroom in the Hôtel du Collectioneur designed by Ruhlmann for the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925. He made other examples for various contexts, including one for the Baron de Rothschild for the Château de la Muette.

The front with a central projection opens to two large drawers framed on both sides by two narrower drawers. While the frame and legs display horizontal veneer, the vertically grained front is divided into a series of diamonds by a strict network of ivory fillets set into three rectangles corresponding to the blocks of drawers without struts. This same ivory check and inverted veneer pattern can be found on the set-back top, encircled by a broad ivory trim. The sides are punctuated by broad and open vein veneer, contrasting with clamped and dark streaks delimited by an ivory fillet. The front corner legs with cut-off corners, shaping the profile of the piece, are highlighted on the edge of an ivory trim with sculpted scroll at the top and an ivory ferrule. The rear legs are upright and of square section in their upper part.

All the ivories have been replaced by vegetal ivory, the original ivories have been kept and are available to the buyer.
The drawers receive eight drawing rings mounted on oval bronze fastening plates with matching keys. The chest of drawers is part of a four piece set in kingwood made in 1932, including a ‘Sabot’ mirror, a chair and a side table. Only five copies of this chest of drawers are known to exist, including one in macassar ebony as part of the collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The piece has been entirely restored by the Ébénisterie Michel Jeammet, Tristan Desforges. Bears the stamp by the Atelier B around 1928 on the back and on the front strut. Itemized in the Ruhlmann reference catalogue under the numbers 2031 AR - 1953 NR.