Hermann Höger & Ludwig Kunstmann – Furniture Set

The unique oak furniture set was designed by Hermann Höger and Ludwig Kunstmann during the German Expressionist period. Hermann Höger was a German architect who is best known for his German interpretation of brick expressionism. Brick expressionism developed at the same time as the “new objectivity” of Bauhaus architecture. But whereas the Bauhaus architects argued for the removal of all decorative elements, or ornaments, expressionist architects developed a distinctive form or ornamentation, often using rough, angular or pointy elements. Together with his partner Ludwig Kunstmann, the important German sculptor, the duo tried to express the dynamic of the 1920s, its intensity and tension in their architecture. Höger designed the famous Chilehaus in Hamburg. There are only a few known furniture designs by Höger and Kunstmann. One of the armchairs exhibited by Guelfucci is also exhibited in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. The furniture set of Höger and Kunstmann is very rare as this was made on special request and transcends the architects interpretation of German expressionism into a unique style of furniture design, contrasting the simultaneous Bauhaus movement.  

The unique set contains one large carved oak armchair, one desk with figuratvely carved representations, one carved oak armchair, a pair of oak armchairs, one side table and a small oak settee. 

Dimensions on request.